mutfak ölçüleri – measurements


The measurements that used to make recipes can often cause confusion. Actually getting kitchen scale and measure the quantities with it is the best.

I will share the cups and spoons that I used while making recipes for people who doesn’t have kitchen scales. I hope it will help.


Cup240 ml
Tablespoon15 ml
Teaspoon5 ml

I list some of the materials and measures that you might find useful. If you use this measurements , you can easily make the recipes on my site.


Flour140 GR9 GR3 GR
Granulated /Light Brown Sugar200 GR13 GR4 GR
Salt -24 GR8 GR
Butter226 GR15 GR5 GR
Olive Oil216 GR14 GR5 GR
Cocoa Powder100 GR6 GR3 GR
Baking Powder - -4 GR
Baking Soda - -7 GR
Yogurt240 GR15 GR6 GR
Confectioners sugar160 GR10 GR3 GR
Milk240 GR15 GR5 GR
Heavy Cream240 GR15 GR5 GR
Water240 GR15 GR5 GR
Starch120 GR8 GR3 GR